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Character Name; Xion
Canon; Kingdom Heart (358/2 Days)
Canon Point; As she's returning to Sora.
Age; Xion is just under a year old, but she has the body and mentality of a fourteen-fifteen year old girl. Mostly, anyway, as she and Roxas were without their memories and she sometimes asks juvenile questions because of this.

House; Heimdall. While she could easily go to houses such as Freya or Odin, Xion is most adept for Heimdall. Why? While she loves her friends more than anything in the world, she also knows she's not supposed to exist. She was told that her mere existence kept Sora from waking and was killing Roxas, so she decided on her she couldn't continue. Xion is a person who will do anything for her friends, but at the end of the day if she knows something is wrong she will follow her believed duty. Even if that means erasing herself from existence.
Power; Damage Drain

Xion's personality grows and changes more rapidly than a normal person due to the nature of her existence. At first she was blank, emotionless, a perpetual zombie. Eventually, however, due to absorbing Sora's memories she began gaining a personality from the memories of Sora and his memories of his friend, Kairi. To further this, Xion also began gaining a sense of self. This basically means that she's a mixture of a lot of people, but holds some core traits in her that make her Xion.

When we first see Xion, she is a shy and withdrawn sort of girl. The fact she lacked the core ability to have a sense of self at the start of the game assisted this, but overtime it became a known factor for the girl. When she first speaks it takes a week of being around Roxas and it was simply his name until she said her first sentence the next day. Xion, for being a part of Sora, is surprisingly meek when she doesn't know a person. The symbolism of her meekness showing in the fact she rarely ever drops her hood around a person she doesn't know (although, the hood is also a symbol of distrust within the Organization).

Her withdrawn personality is not only shown in her overall shyness but also her inability to allow people in. Xion gets faced with harsh decisions early on in the game and, although she trusts her friends, she leaves them to herself. She thinks about them and, if no one else knows about it, she'll act on them alone. She becomes close to Roxas and Axel, befriends some of the other Organization, but in the end still refuses to allow them to make decisions for her.

The way she withdraws herself also ties into her sense of rationality. Unlike the boys, she isn't nearly as rash. Her defection of the Organization wasn't done on a day of thought's whim, but after being given time by Riku and spent researching and trying to understand her place in the world, or lack thereof. Then, her later decision to have Roxas absorb her, took the time, thought, and willpower to do so. But while she seems to have more rationality than the others she's connected to, she does have her moments of rash behaviour. This, however, is only really seen when someone has angered her. Calling her a sham, hurting Roxas, and lying to her are the quickest ways to make her behave unreasonably.

Xion takes a long time to think things over and because of this she can become cold and detached if she's unsure of her standing. We go back to the fact of she withdraws into herself, because even to her friends she can be cold to when she finally comes to a decision. Her solution to be absorbed by Roxas was for her to have him kill her. She decided that was the best course of action and didn't really give him the choice in the matter. Since she's know what she is, Xion has decided what's best for everyone is simply her not existing and has acted in that regard. Because of this she's turned on her friends as she thinks it's the right thing to do.

Xion's rationality also has a place in her ability to be sacrificing. Being told early on by Riku that she was preventing Sora's awakening and the Organization seeing her as no more than a puppet has made her realize that, in all, her life means less than anyone else. She's not suicidal by any stretch of the imagination, but when it comes down to it she will sacrifice herself for the others around her. She tells Axel that she won't come back and he'd better not hold back if he wanted to take her, and later tricks her best friend into ultimately killing her. The point of it being, Xion knows she shouldn't exist so, if it's for her friends and those people who should, she doesn't mind the sacrifice.

But the last thing she tells Roxas is simply this: do not feel bad for absorbing her, it was the right thing to do, and even though he forgot, she still had her memories of him. She was okay with this. For Xion, memories are very important. They're the one aspect that make her truly her and not anyone else. They're her experiences and she cherishes them, uses them to prove her sense of self. She doesn't regret anything she's had to do or the friendships she's made. Xion will always cherish the time she had because she was never meant to have them in the first place.

Like Sora, friendships are one of Xion's most cherished things. Although Axel betrays her and Roxas, she tries to understand him and doesn't hate him because he's her friend. She doesn't give up easily on those she calls friends and, as aforementioned, will do anything possible to protect them. While her shyness and withdrawn tentativeness towards relationships makes it harder for her to obtain a lot of friends, it's shown that she can laugh easily with those she meets. This is shown mostly in the cases of Roxas and Axel, but we see it with others such as Genie in Agrabah. She wants to meet people and see the worlds and everything they hold, so each day she has with her friends she wants it to be lived to its fullest. Even if that just means eating seasalt ice cream on top of a clock tower together.

When her hood is up, this is a sign of distrust and uncertainty with Xion. But when she puts it down, however, we see a truly different side of the girl. In all respects, she's very much the young teenage girl she is. Xion is able to laugh, joke, and tease easily with Axel and Roxas. The hood being down is a sign of her being comfortable with people and, in turn, it allows her to be more of herself because then they see her. She's able to open up and we see the side of her that's purely her and not Sora: the uncertainty of her place and the young girl.

As a replica, Xion is different from any other Nobody. The reason being the very one that makes her a "Special Nobody": she has, for all intents and purposes, a heart. She is capable of feeling every aspect of life and it's real for her. Xion, overall, is very emotionally fragile. She's been told from the near start that she wasn't meant to exist, been treated like a puppet, and has nearly killed her best friend. In all? This would make anyone emotionally fragile but, in way, she became stronger for these acts. Her emotions and the way her life is instilled a sense of willpower and courage in her and she acts upon them.

Xion isn't even a year old. For this there's a sense of nativity and newness to the world. While both her and Roxas were born with the ability to maneuver, understand, and speak on some level... They were practically blank slates. They had to be taught everything and can often easily be misinformed and used, as the Organization sometimes used. However, it's this nativity and newness that makes Xion the inquisitive being that she is. It was after she met Riku and began questioning her identity, after all, that she ran off and hacked into the computers at Castle Oblivion. Overall, despite the innocence of her acts, it can also be her downfall.

What is her downfall? Her overly curious nature. Xion hates feeling like she's being lied to and not understanding something. It's one of the few things that can make her act rashly and be angry, as she had responded with earlier at being called a "sham" and learning what she really was. Xion has no qualms with breaking rules or demanding things for her answers. If someone doesn't give them to her then she'll go find them herself, which is one aspect that makes her slightly different from Roxas. She needs to know these things and refuses to give up if it feels important to her.

As stated in the beginning, she does have core personality traits of Sora and the memories of Kairi she's based off of. Like Sora, she does have a strong bond and love for those she calls friends. And, sort of like both of them, when she's comfortable around the person, she's not afraid to speak her mind. More like Kairi, she is both kindhearted and caring even to those she's never met (but this goes for Sora, too). When her friends are endangered or she is determined to figure something out, her courage and determination go to the maximum level. But she's not exactly like them, no, she does have this sense of self that can not be ignored.

This sense of self is vastly important. In the end, it's what separated her from Sora. It's what made her make the choice of sacrificing everything so her best friend and Universe could be saved. She may be a part of Sora, but her choices and experiences were what was behind this act. Xion became a person throughout the course of the game. All that person really wants to do is create many new memories with her best friends and have them happily watch sunsets and eat seasalt ice cream together.