19 March 2015 @ 02:13 pm
memory registry  

- [PRIORITY] - Would like these first if possible!
- [LOCKED] - Please don't give these out yet.

Significant Positive
● Do you think that I could be a friend?
● Finding Destiny Islands
● Roxas! It worked!

Neutral Positive
● Saix said there was no telling if you would wake up, but I'm glad you did.
● How 'bout a seasalt icecream, then?

Trivial Positive
● Best of luck today
● I visited a new world today, Roxas
● Unlike me and Roxas, maybe you're just out of shape.

Significant Neutral
● R...Roxas. Roxas is your name.

Neutral Neutral
● First mission with Roxas
● Xion... I didn't know you could use the keyblade.
● Meeting Genie

Neutral Trivial
● So best friends are different than plain friends, right?
● First day off

Significant Negative
● I can't use the Keyblade anymore.
● Saix informs Xion she will no longer be working with Roxas.
● You don't have to worry about getting out of bed ever again.
● Hacking Castle Oblivion's computers

Neutral Negative
● You know... I don't remember much, either.
● What do you think...? Are these memories?

Trivial Negative
● We'll understand once we have our own hearts.

● Keyblade
● Limit Break
● Block
● Glide
● Cure
● Cura
● Curaga
● Fire
● Fira
● Firaga
● Blizzard
● Blizzara
● Blizzaraga
● Thunder
● Thundara
● Thundaraga
● Aero
● Aerora
● Aeroga