17 May 2015 @ 07:42 pm
Name: Gold | Xion
Age: Physically 14, Chronologically less than a year
Team: Henwen

Height/Build: TINY AND SLIGHT, maybe 5"
Hair Color/Eye Color: Black, Blue* please see traits
Notable Traits:
OKAY. SO. Upon her arrival in Kyriakos Xion will not have a face. This will be covered by a hood and in canon this is seen as, uh, like you really can't see past the hood. You'll see a smile at most! Once she's comfortable enough/has enough memories this will change to her regular appearance. This might be a while!

She has no heart beat as well because. She's a doll. That's it, that's what she is.

Her appearance can also change depending on who sees her, but she has no castmates so this is moot right now.